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1963 Le Baron

Rodger & Gabby write:


My neighbor's son told me about a woman who lived up at the Broadmoor (Colorado Springs) area who had two '63 Imperials for sale. I in turn told my wife about the cars. She stated that we didn't need more old cars ( already had a '47 De Soto Custom). But she did consent to go with me to "take a look".

As we drove into the yard there was a big black car and behind it at about fifty feet or so was another car under a tarp. The first words out of my wife's mouth was, "... Oooh look, its got baby fins...". A woman came out of the house and gave my wife the story of how she had met her husband and how this car was their wedding car. She told us that we could have both cars for $800. I got all owners manuals, service manuals, a pile of spare parts to include brake drums and a detailed log for both cars from 1963 to her husband's death. The license plate on the black car was three years old and for the blue car it was five years.

Since the blue car had set in the same place for several years the tires had lost some of the air pressure. I was at the woman's place changing out the two front tires when she (Eva Maria) told me that I might as well take the third car too. The third car was up at their mountain home. Car number three was a 1963 Imperial Crown 2 dr. No extra charge.

As it turned out the label that we were told by the neighbor's son was incorrect. The two cars were not Imperials. They were both Le Baron's. The black car was 1963 Le Baron number 09 and the car under the tarp was 1963 Le Baron number 11. (In 1963 they made 1,578 Le Baron's.) 1963 Chrysler Imperial Le Barons

Three days after I received the two cars I had new plates for the black car and was driving it to work.

I sold the Imperial to a man here in Colorado Springs for a "Father - Son" project and the black Le Baron went to Jeff Ingrahm in Nebraska (see the Imperial Club Registry).

1963 Chrysler Imperial Le Baron The blue Le Baron is on Reno, Nevada's "Hot August Night's" 2001 video and the Colorado Springs Police's Web site, since we carried the Mayor for the Police's 100 year Anniversary Parade.

Thanks, Rodger & Gabby!

The moral appears that it is always worth to "take a look"!

Sounds like all the Mopars found loving homes, thanks to your efforts. It does not get much better, does it?  Mopar smile!

Gary H.

January 25, 2003

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