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1963 Dodge 330 Wagon

Glen Robins wrote:

Back around 1982, my dad just got married. He had a 1968 300 2dr H/T, and didn't really need another car, but saw an ad for a 1963 Dodge 330 wagon in the paper, and responded.

1963 Dodge Wagon

My dad went up to see the car and bought it on the spot. It was red and black, had a 413, 4bbl, sure grip and some other goodies.

I was born in 1983, and I was actually brought home from the hospital in the 300. But later in the year, the 300 burned in a fire, and my dad lost his job and had to sell the Wagon. I barely got to know this cool optioned Dodge before we had to sell it. I never saw it after.

1963 Dodge Wagon

Fast forward 15 years to 1998, at the Chryslers At Cayuga show at Cayuga International Dragway, Cayuga, Ontario, Canada. My dad and I are there walking through the show field when a red and black 1963 Dodge 330 wagon pulls in to the field.

We immediatly recognize it as our old car!

We get to talking to the owner. It turns out the car wasn't a 413 car as my dad was told when he bought the car. It was a 383. And the car also has the rare Golden Commando Power option. We got the phone number of the owner, who was selling the car right there, but we didn't have any money to buy the car.

When I got home, I placed the phone number somewhere, but when I looked for it again, I couldn't find it!!

1963 Dodge Wagon

Also, Gary, the car is actually listed in your First Table of the swap meet [of this web site]. I've written the guy about 5 or 6 times with no reply. I would like to get our old wagon back, since I have some money to buy the car. How stupid I feel after losing that phone number!!

It's the story of the one that got away TWICE!

This car was mint when my dad owned it!

Thanks for sharing your story, Glen!

Having that cool wagon slip away twice has to hurt.

Sorry about that ad that the new owner placed but I have no record that he notified me to update or remove the ad; I'll remove the ad from the old swap meet page.

Can anyone provide Glenn with a tip as to where the wagon now resides?

Here is the ad that was in the swap meet:

Anyone interested in a 1963 Dodge Station Wagon? It's my brother's and I guess he's bored (I can't afford storage space) Here's the rundown: Model 330 - Oxblood red and black, Body needs repaint and light surface rust repair around quarter windows (trust me, I've never seen an early sixties mopar this solid that came from Canada), Beige interior - all there and original - could use restoring, 383 "Golden Commando Power" (has emblems on front fenders) - 10:1 comp., 4 BBL, dual exhaust. Starts and runs excellent when the battery's not dead. (original under 60k miles), Pushbutton Torqueflite (shifts nice and stiff), 3.23 open 8 3/4 ,Power steering and brakes (brakes currently need work but that can easily be rectified), Anyway, I think Bro wants $5,000 Canadian for it (wish I could) or he will entertain offers (Mom's yelling at him to get it out of her yard!)If you're interested, the car is in the Hamilton Ontario area (Dunnville) and if you E-mail me I'll hook you up with my brother. AJ the Mopar Man (November 30, 1997)

NOTE! UPDATE August, 2000: The wagon is FOUND!

Gary H.

January 15, 2000; revised January 19, 2000; August 30, 2000

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