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1963 Dodge 440 Sedan

Glen Robins writes:

1963 Dodge

This is my 1963 Dodge 440 4dr sedan.

It has a 318 Poly and a pushbutton Torqueflight.

1963 Dodge 318

It wasn't running or braking when I bought it, but thanks to my use of shop space at school, I got it going again. I lost the brakes doing a brakestand, but it still runs good.

The body is rough around the bottom of the fenders and rear wheel wells. Other than that, it is pretty solid. The interior is still in good condition except for a small tear down the middle of the front seat. It has no power steering or brakes, but that's the way I like it.

1963 Dodge

My plans are to fix the body up, and keep the original colours. I'm pulling the Poly for a mild LA 318 (sorry Poly fans, but Poly speed parts are just too expensive for me!), and for now, keep the pushbutton, but eventually work up to a four speed. I plan to put on dual exhaust with side exits, to kind of give it an early NASCAR look.

1963 Dodge

That's it for now.

Just a warning: progress will be SLOW!

UPDATE: April 2001

I sold my '63 440 4dr to a '62 to '65 Mopar Clubhouse member this week....I was sorry to see it go, but being in high school, I can't really afford two old projects, and I'm further ahead with my Chrysler than I was with the Dodge.
Thanks Glen!

It looks like a pretty straight car and should be fun!

Take your time. No good things are rushed!

Keep us posted, please.

RE UPDATE: Well, having too many projects is something a lot of us completely understand! Looks like the Dodge continues in good hands!

Gary H.

November 14, 2000; revised April 8, 2001

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