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1965 Dodge Polara Convertible Coupe

Dave Robb wrote:

In 1992, I bought a 1965 Dodge Polara Convertible Coupe. That is what they officially called these cars, here in Canada.

Black with a red interior and white top, the car was built at Windsor, Ontario and sold new by Crosstown Motors in Edmonton, Alberta.

It was quite a fancy buggie in her day, with tilt wheel, power steering, brakes and top, as well as an AM push button radio and rear speaker fader.

Canadian cars had totally different trim and all the interior appointments are from the Plymouth line. The Polara 880 matches the Fury III.

The drive train is 383 HP, 727, 3.23.

The Dodge is a super road car; it likes to run all day at 80 mph and gets 20 plus mpg doing it.

I have restified the power train and suspension with modern ignition, carb, Magnum exhaust manifolds, chrome appointments, disc brakes and upgraded wheels and tires.

I will send some pictures later.

Thanks, Dave!

You realize what even a lot of Mopar fans fail to notice: the excitement of the larger Mopars!

Your Dodge is another fine example of classic big Mopar power and style!

The large Mopars are especially happy on the open road above 70mph, as you know!

We'll look forward to the pictures. :-)

Gary H.

January 29, 2000
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