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1963 Dodge 440

Don Richardson writes:

I found your web page on the internet. I just inherited a 1963 Dodge....

1963 Dodge 440

Last night I put a fuel pump in it for a 318 wide block. People have told me that 318 wide blocks don't exist and the engine I have appears to them to be larger than a 318.

The car ran for the first time in 38 years last night. Smoke started coming out of the passenger side by the exhaust manifold so I may have to change either the head gaskets or exhaust manifold gaskets.

I am planning on keeping it and restoring it. I am a sucker for heritage. It was my grandfather's so I will keep it. I was told that it does not have a high value but more of a novelty which is fine by me.

318 in 1963 Dodge 440

I may wind up and put a nice radio and new seat covers on it after I get it working.

This weekend's project is to move it to the back of the yard and wash off the years of grease and grime to kill the poison ivy. Maybe then I can see where the leaks are coming from....

I borrowed a power washer and went to Autozone and bought engine cleaner and it worked well. I still have some grease on it since the borrowed power washer broke on me but I got the engine, transmission, and rear axle. My valve cover gaskets should be at the NAPA store today and I will be putting those on tonight. I started and it ran but smoked due to the oil on the engine. I still have to work on the brakes and transmission

1963 Dodge 440

Thanks, Don!

Don't believe what non-Mopar experts tell you. Heck, even some Mopar fans have never seen this type motor.

The engine is certainly a 318 "A" engine; that is, it is a 318 polyspherical motor; nicknamed the 318 wide block, the poly 318, and the &semi-Hemi".

In other words, officially and technically it is called the A engine, which was followed by the 318 LA engine ("Light A") that stayed in production until just recently.

Glad to hear you are restoring the car! It is something wonderful to keep your grandfather's Dodge in the family and keep his memory alive through his Mopar heritage!

Gary H.

September 7, 2000

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