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1965 Dodge Coronet the Beast

Rick Rice writes:

This one is the car I affectionatly refer to as the Beast! I have the name painted on the glove compartment door! The car is an original 273 auto car that I got out from under a tree in some guys yard 5 1/2 years back on my 18th birthday! I drove it for a year with the 273 and straight cherry bomb mufflers and worn shocks (made for killer wheel hops at lights) until the master cylinder and water pump went exactly a year to the day that I bought it.

I took the car off the road and put a '68 440 in it that I had sitting around in the garage. The 440 six pack crank, rods and pistons and a 509 Purple Shaft cam. The top end is '69 906 heads with their original HP exhaust manifolds. On top of them is an Edelbrok Performer intake with a 750 Carter carb. Backing up the motor is a '64 727 that is unfortunatly untouched! The rear is stock 3.23's with open carrier(big thrill). It all rides on 15x7 steel wheels from my old '87 Diplomat wrapped in 225/70/15 V speed rated Goodyear Eagle RS/A's. The dog dishes are off of I believe a '68 Coronet.

I turned my attention to the body when money got right and had my friendly local body shop apply the gorgous Sikkens '92 Dodge Bright white base coat clear with '92 Dodge Claret Red stripe. As a side note, that is reverse color scheme of my first '65 Coronet 440 that I still own!

From there I turned to the interior. I enlisted the help of my friend Rick Kennedy to redo the burgundy bench seat interior to replicate the stock. We used ribbed velour and vinyl in the factory style! I get so many compliments on the interior.(I will send a picture when I get around to taking one!)

The picture I am sending with this email is of me driving The Beast at Lowes Motor Speedway at about 90 in turn 2! It was taken at the Goodguys Southeastern Nationals a couple of years back! I hope you like the picture, God knows it was fun driving like I was in NASCAR!

Thanks for the great site and the awsome '62 to '65 Mopar Clubhouse that has helped me meet so many interesting fellow Mopar owners!

1965 Dodge Coronet

Update February 2002

The beast's interior and big block:

interior 1965 Dodge Coronet 440 440 in  1965 Dodge Coronet 440

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Thanks, Rick!

90 in turn 2? Not bad at all!

Keep having fun and making new Mopar friends; it doesn't get much better than that!

Gary H.

May 21, 2001; February 14, 2002

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