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1964 Plymouth Fury

Rick Rice writes:

Check out my newest car. It is an 89,000 mile '64 Fury four door with 318 poly pushbutton A/C car.

1964 Plymouth Fury

I picked it up back in October 2001 for a great deal. I'm currently redoing the top end of the motor with new intake and redone heads.

The Plymouth has and will again be my daily driver to keep miles off of my '95 Dakota.

The car is wearing the original paint, has the original interior. It is in need of some TLC and cleaning but I am working on that a little at a time. Other than new the Wieand intake that I am putting on it is original. I did install a JVC CD player under the dash for tunes while cruising.

1964 Plymouth Fury

I went to my parts stock and got a set of 14x6 Road Wheels to dress it up a bit. Plans are for a fixing the dents that run down the passenger side from a former owner and possibly a repaint, since years of pine sap have left their mark on the paint!

Also, plans also call for some vintage Torque Thrusts and restiching where the drivers seat is splitting!

interior of 1964 Plymouth Fury 318 in 1964 Plymouth Fury

I love this car and hate to say it, but I drive it more than all of my 5 '65 Coronets combined!

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Snagged a good one, Rick!

Daily driver?

That's exactly why Plymouth made these in 1964!

Only they are as much -- or more -- fun to drive now than then!   smile!

Gary H.

May 21, 2001; February 14, 2002

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