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Mopar Junkyard Closing

Tim writes: I’m a Mopar guy since birth and I’ve always loved the Max Wedge years. There is a junkyard I’ve just discovered that is liquidating its inventory. There are some really great 1962-1965 parts and cars that I don’t want to see get crushed!

1962 Dodge in junkyard 1963 Dodge in junkyard

1964 Plymouth in junkyard Barracudas in junkyard

1964 Dodge in junkyard 1963 Plymouth in junkyard

The yard is located in Rhode Island. You can put my email address for a contact. If anyone wants something I can relay the message and get prices. I am going back again this weekend (4-14-2007). Contact Tim: Owner's contact
Thanks Tim! Hope we can save some parts!   smile!

Gary H.

April 9, 2007
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