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1965 Plymouth Belvedere II

Dan Rex writes:

1965 Plymouth

Great web site!!

I got my 1965 this Spring...

1965 Plymouth

and have put in a new interior.

1965 Plymouth

I've done some work on the engine, like a Edelbrock 600 - 4-barrel and headers with Flowmaster exhaust, a Comp Cam with 230/236 duration 488/491 lift, also a Boss Hog Torque converter with 2200/2800 rpm stall and from Randy's Ring & Pinion: 373 gears.

It makes for a fun little 273!

I was thinking of putting in a bigger engine but the 273 was just rebuilt and runs good!

1965 Plymouth

Great looking Plymouth, Dan!

Keep the 273. It is a good engine and fun to point out cubic inches to those 'off brand' types that can't keep up! :-)

Gary H.

August 26, 2001.

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