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Sue's 1963 Plymouth Savoy

My car story is right out of a "B" movie - Seven years ago, I was driving a 1966 Dodge Dart in Baltimore. I became hooked on Slant Six engines! I didn't realize how rusty the car was until one day only 3 blocks from home, the actual wheel fell off and rolled down the street. I had it towed away and that weekend found a 1963 Plymouth Savoy for sale - original owner - for $300. I fell in love with the style of the car, the airplane-like dash board and the push putton transmission - finally something a left-handed person could love! The owner was in his 90's and his son had to wrestle the keys away from him. I found a mechanic who worked in a Chrysler plant in the early 60's and was willing to help me with mechanics. The local vo-tech school used my car as the semester project for body work and Imron paint in medium metallic blue (total cost to me $200 - and having to take the bus for months).

To make a long story short - I spent years finding all of the weird and hard-to-find parts I needed in great Mopar junk yards in Pennsylvania, Maryland. Meanwhile the car was my daily driver. Ok - sure I had a lot of car problems noone else with new cars had - like having the trunk fly up onto your windshield while on the highway, like having the transmission blow out a couple of times, having the windshield wipers fly off during a torrential rain storm and getting harrassed by police whereever I drove because the car weaved. And until I was able to locate replacement door locks, there was the bum who slept in my car at night and ate his dinner on my glove compartment - according to my neighors.

I moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia 4 years ago - its the boondocks here - and a drunk chicken plant worker plowed into my Savoy - hit and run - and I ended up with my car in a ditch (right in front of the Perdue Chicken facility! Needless to say - I don't eat a lot of chicken these days. Of course since the car was a tank, I walked away ok (no seat belts!). The front windshield was smashed, and other things needed fixing. I let it sit for a year while cancer took hold and it rusted away before my eyes. So now I have all these parts to sell! [Editor's note: Sue's ad with 1963 Parts is on the Swap Meet page; the ad is dated October 30, 2001.]

Who knows, maybe I'll find another '62-'65 Mopar car to buy on your website! I need another excuse to visit junk yards!

Thanks again, Sue
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Gary H.

January 27, 2002

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