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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

Allan Lang writes from Lawrenceville, Ga.

In January 1969, I bought a '63 Plymouth Sport Fury, white with red and white bucket seat interior, equipped with the Commando 361 2-barrel engine, dual exhaust and push button Torqueflite. While it was not considered a true muscle car, it would definitely hold its own against just about anything else around.

The only problem I ever had with the '63 was a gas leak under the hood that caused it to catch fire and the fire burned the paint and wiring on the motor. I got the hood up before any body damage was done! I had to have it all rewired and repainted under the hood.

I was in the Air Force, stationed at McCoy AFB in Orlando, Fl. and when I got transferred to Blythesville AFB in Blythesville, AR., I drove the car there.

I had glasspack mufflers and chrome reverse wheels put on the Plymouth and the car would wax up and look like absolutely perfect porcelin! The blackwall tires and chrome wheels would really stand out against the car's white body.

I traded the '63 on a '66 Belvedere II 2dr hardtop, yellow with a black vinyl top and black interior with a 318 Torqueflite combo.

The Belvedere II was a gorgeous car but it sure wouldn't run like that Sport Fury did!

I also was a little concerned about the '66 due to the fact that the Sport Fury had 70,000 plus miles on the odometer when I bought the Plymouth, and over 90,000 showing when I traded in the '63.


I stopped to check the '63 out on the car lot about three days after I had traded: the odometer showed 60,000!

I guess I should have confronted the dealer but I didn't.

I just kept recalling all the good times I'd had with '63 Plymouth Sport Fury and now remember it as one of the best cars I have ever owned!

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Gary H.

February 21, 2002

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