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1963 Dodge 440

1963 Dodge 440 max wedge Scott writes:

My Dodge is a 1963 440 with the 426 stage II wedge.

The Dodge does not have the original block installed,
but I have it in my garage, along with the original radiator.

[Editor's note: see UPDATE, below!]
1963 Dodge 440 interior

I am the third owner of the car. The original owner had it until 1987; he put on the hood scoop. The 440 has the dump tubes on it and 4.30 gears in the 8.75.

Since the above pictures were taken, the car now has the original radiator in it. Meanwhile, I am also getting the parts to put the original block back in the car, (the original aaqa max wedge block). I hope to have it in the Dodge next summer!

P.s., I am trying to find the rubber piece that goes on the quarter panel in the top of the door jam. It is where the window moves in and out of the car. Anyone?

Update April 2003

1963 Dodge 440 engine - max wedge The Mopar now has the original block back in it.

It took a total of about 5 1/2 months to get the job done. I used a set of J and E pistons .990 wrist pins (less weight), 11.2-1 compression, a set of Eagle rods for .990 wrist pins, an original maxie crank, Melling oil pump, all babbit bearings, Mopar Performance .528 lift 284 duration camshaft.

The original heads were in poor shape and needed a lot of tlc. The guy that built the motor that was in the car had way too much valve spring on the car. The guides were shot and it had sucked the valves up into the heads, they had knurled the factory loose guides, all the valves were pitted.

I was somewhat happy that we tore it down and fixed everything before it had a melt down on a lot of rare expensive parts! Also had to cut one head .015 to get a warp out of it, and the other head had never been decked. We measured the cc's of the head and deck height and had to cut it .025 to get it to match the other head.

The total of all the parts and machine work to get it running with the original block was... no joke....$4264.63!

Good to have the original drivetrain back in the 1963 Dodge!

Update, November 2003

We took the car to Muncie Dragway this fall.
Left the air cleaners on it, left it in drive and it
shifted itself at 5600: went through the traps in high
gear turning 5600, and ran a 12.73@108mph. All my friends
couldn't believe I had it at the track or that it went 12.73.

Not bad for a car with full exhaust and in full street trim
and only getting turned 5600 rpm.
1963 Dodge 440 at the drag strip

Nice one, Scott!

Max wedge and 4.30 gears...hum, taking on the competition one at a time!   smile!

Gary H.

April 21, 2002; Revised April 6, 2003; August 15, 2003; November 19, 2003

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