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Steve Reasbeck on Drag Racing 1962 to 1965 Mopars

March - April 2010

It is March. Spring is in the air. Well, at least it should be.

Here in the Pennsylvania mountains we’ve had a rough winter: several consecutive snowstorms dumping over 25 inches of snow each, in consecutive weeks in February. March came in like a lion, but has turned into a lamb, with temps in the 60’s with sunshine the past several days. As I write this, it is about 30 degrees with a cold rain, but I am informed it will change tomorrow. I’m ready.

Kieth Wynn Desert Rose 1963 Plymouth

Pittsburgh Raceway Park, our home track, is to open for test and tune on April 4, but I am not holding my breath. There is a lot of water in the ground, and if the pits are too muddy it won’t happen. Mason Dixon in Hagerstown, Maryland, is open, and my son is giving some serious thought to towing south on Sunday March 28th. I may just go with him.

Either way, we’ve been working hard over the past months to prepare for the 2010 season. I am in the process of putting together a larger displacement (484 inch) aluminum headed Hemi for my venerable 1965 to replace the iron 426 that resides in the Dodge’s engine bay now. I don’t foresee a change coming until mid-year, at least, but it’s in the works. I will keep everyone up to date. As far as big bucks go, it will be a budget motor. I’ve been racing Hemis for years on a budget, it can be done. But, I must be honest...I am sitting on boxes of parts that I have had for many, many, years, so I’ve got an edge.

Tom Orlando 1965 Plymouth

We’re also working on the rear suspension, to get the car easier to drive. To be frank, the car can be kind of a beast now, and we are trying some old time tricks to make it drive a bit better. The old Super Stock leaf spring setup is still on, and has done a good job for a long time. But, we may be forced to make a change. We’ve found in the past on other cars that the mid ten second range is just about the max. Oh, they hook okay after that, but we’ve found the cars to drive weird the quicker they go. The reason I want to straighten out is that someday one of the boys will be behind the wheel, and I want it handling well. So, I’ve pulled some old tricks from out of the past. It appears the car has been pivoting on the snubber, causing it drive to the right. In watching some videos of various events, the car showed a definite move to the right about a hundred feet out: it is very noticeable. It is noticeable behind the wheel...but I’ve been driving the car for forty years, and I don’t notice it as much as my son does. Hopefully, this change, and some others will rectify the situation.

My son, Kyle, and his 1964 is also gearing up for a busy season. The 500 inch Indy wedge motor has not been touched, and should pick up where it left off. The best he had with the car last year was a 10.43, at 128 mph, and the car is as consistent as a Swiss watch. One of the very best things, if not the best thing we did to that motor was install the Indy cross ram intake with two Thunder Series 800 CFM carbs, to replace the Dominator that was on it. We had to, for Nostalgia Super Stock purposes, but it was a positive across the board. The car runs cleaner, idles nicer, and is more consistent. It’s beautiful. In both cars, we’ve gone over the valves, done a compression and leakdown test, and gone over everything underneath. It all checks out, and we can’t wait to get going.

Shadowoods 1964 Plymouth

Our first event will be at Hagerstown, Maryland on April 24, a Saturday. The 422 Motorsports All Star Nostalgia Super Stock Series is hosting their first points event of the year, and it is a great show! We intend to run most of their races this year, if you have a chance to catch one, you would find it well worth your while to do so. Visit the above Web link to their Web site for more information.

Tom Doughty Frustration 1963 Plymouth

Well, I’m out of hibernation now, so you will be hearing more from me on a more regular basis. I hope you all find these blogs entertaining, and if there is any input you’d like to give, let me know either directly through the “Contact Steve” link at the bottom of this page or through Gary H. And, if you see us at one of the Nostalgia events this summer, please check in!

God Bless,
Steve R.

Contact Steve: Reasbeck Racing
Johnstown, Pa.

March 24, 2010

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