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Steve Reasbeck reports on Drag Racing 1962 to 1965 Mopars

Steve Reasbeck on Drag Racing 1962 to 1965 Mopars

June 2012

I must again start this blog with an apology. The serious surgery that I underwent a couple of years back has had some long lasting effects which has hindered my activities through the early part of this year. I do appear to be up and at ’em now, but, for the length of time since my last writing I do beg your pardon.

We have some very big events coming up on the docket for this summer, and we do look very forward to competing in them. My son Kyle has already been out with his wedge ’64 Dodge, running 10.40’s and picking up right where he left off in 2011. Myself, I haven’t been out yet for obvious reasons, but we should be out again within the next couple of weeks. We do need to be cracking, as the first event that we must be ready for is the Curt George Memorial MoPar Weekend at Pittsburgh Raceway Park June 15-17. Included in that event is a special Hemi Showdown on Saturday evening, June 16, which will feature some of the top Nostalgia SS cars in the northeast, with over twenty slated to run. It is sponsored by Bud’s Auto Sales, owned by my dear friend Ron McClelland, whose wheelstanding ’66 Coronet graces the cover the latest Chrysler Power magazine. Bud’s also adorns the quarterpanels of my old ’65, so it is imperative that we be ready.

1964 Plymouth of Dave Collette at Beaver Springs Dragway
1964 Plymouth of Dave Collette
1964 Plymouth of Bob Roles at Beaver Springs Dragway
1964 Plymouth of Bob Roles

Where we left off, I had broken a roller lifter at Beaver Springs Dragway’s Flashback Friday in August. Upon disassembly, I did find it did destroy a good .650 lift Comp Cams roller. I also found a broken valve spring, plus assorted other maladies, none of which were serious but did require some attention.

The motor is now buttoned up, and has been fired. The lifters have been replaced with a new set of Herberts....Iíve been using them for years, and have always been very satisfied with the quality and endurance of them. The one that failed last year was several years old, and to be frank, it was probably my fault. I’ve always liked to replace them every 300 passes or so, and I was lax this last time. My bad. The cam in it now is my old reliable Racer Brown 140R, which I’ve run off and on for a long time. This 60’s era grind features .676 lift on the intake, .721 on the exhaust, and 324 degrees duration. It’s always run very well for me, and so I stuck it in. We’ve also, after all these years, upgraded to a Milidon single line static external oiling system. Not because I feel it is absolutely necessary, as we’ve never had an issue with the internal, but, I had the stuff laying around so what the heck? In addition, the old 4224 Holley 660 center squirters I use on the cross ram are sorely in need of some love, so we’re addressing that, as well.

Steve Reasbeck 1965 Dodge Coronet drag racer at Beaver Springs Dragway
1965 Dodge of Steve Reasbeck

The ATI 4200 converter in the car may be a bit loose, and we ran across a deal on on an original 069J B&M that we are curious to try. Also, there is a 484 inch Hemi on the engine stand here, but it probably won’t be ready for some time, so this little 426 incher will have to do for a while longer. With my kids buying homes, getting married, etc, the projects will have to wait.

1965 Dodge of Joe Davis at Beaver Springs Dragway
1965 Dodge of Joe Davis

In the meantime, if you are in the Pittsburgh area in the middle of June, stop in Pittsburgh Raceway Park June 15-17, especially the Hemi Showdown on Saturday evening. You will be treated to a good show, and there will be a lot of 1964-1965 Dodges and Plymouths with pachyderm power to quench your thirst for early B bodies. Stop in and say hi! Attached to this blog is a couple of shots of some who are participating, at Pittsburgh and again at Beaver Springs in July. More on that, later.

8th Annual Curt george ALL MOPAR Memorial Flyer at Pittsburgh Raceway Park

Till next time.

Steve R. —Contact Steve
Reasbeck Racing
Johnstown, Pa.

June 1, 2012

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