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1965 Chrysler Newport

Cory writes: My great uncle died in 1993; he was the only person to ever own this car and he used the Chrysler like a Sunday car: he ONLY drove it on Sunday when he traveled out to my aunt’s house to eat Sunday dinner. When he died we put the Mopar in the garage with just over 47K ORIGINAL miles!

1965 Chrysler Newport

The interior of the Chrysler is like brand new.

1965 Chrysler Newport interior

The paint is all original. (It is a little scratched up because of our house cats always climbing on the car). The Chrysler has absolutely NO body work problems: no dings or dents. NOTHING.

The Chrysler has the 383 V8.

We are working on getting the Chrysler running and on the road again: new tires, battery, fluid changes and so on.

Not many people around here in Ohio know much about this car. — All I know is I have dreamed of the day when I can cruise around town in the Chrysler!

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Thanks Cory!

Wonderful family heirloom and quite a highway cruising machine!   smile!

Gary H.

July 5, 2009

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