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1963 Plymouth Savoy Station Wagon

Ron Podsiadly writes:

Here is a picture of RJ Podsiadly's 1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon. RJ is my 21 year old son and the Mopar is his daily driver!

1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon

The wagon was a 318 poly, stick; now it has a 440, 727, 3.55 Sure Grip and bright yellow paint.

The 1963 still needs the hood, scoop, and interior to be finished.

The Mustang and Camaro boys hate it when they get beat by that big old wagon.

Thanks for the great Mopar site. Ron....

Update May 2001

Here are some more pics of my son's 1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon. It is slowly getting finished; he hopes to finish the hood and tailgate this week.

Then all that's left is to finish the interior.

The HEMI signs on the hood are to scare the street guys -- it's really a 440.
1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon 1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon front
1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon 426 hemi hood scoop 1963 Plymouth Savoy wagon wedge ngine

Thanks, Ron!

Wagons have really come into their own in the last few years.

In fact, previously a wagon was typically junked without much thought. Thus wagons are as scarce as some of the models that were originally manufactured in low numbers, like some 'verts.

Of course the '62 to '65 Mopars were ahead of the wagon trend, as early B Body wagons were quite competitive in the quarter mile competition back then.

That's quite a daily driver.

Must make the daily commute much more pleasant. :-)

Re May 2001 update: the hood scoop and emblem look great and will make the Mustang and Camaro boys feel better when the Plymouth wagon stomps them. I can hear them now: "It took a 426 Hemi to beat me."

Heh heh, not really, guys. Mopar wedge. :-)

Gary H.

March 1, 2001

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