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1962 Dart 330

Mo Petersen writes:

Hi there.

First of all, I'd like to say thanx for doing this great site. It's really refreshing and encouraging to see other Mopar projects underway. I was beginning to think I was the only one willing to take on the task of trying to resurrect an old Dart.

1962 Dart - front 1962 Dart - side

My wife Christine and I actually picked up this car in the summer of 2001 in Vanderhoof, B.C. We were on our way to see an old Chevy car, and happened to stop by to see the Dart our of curiosity, as we had never seen one before. My wife instantly loved the car, so we went back the next day and trailered it home.

1962 Dart - rear side 1962 Dart - rear
The car became a wedding present to her from me, since we are newly married. How's THAT for a car guys dream? :)

So far, the car has thrown 2 curve balls my way. The first was actually the very first night, trying to load it onto my trailer. It was dark, and my brother and I had never seen a pushbutton automatic. We fumbled around and managed to find the neutral button. I thought for sure my rear end was seized when I had to drag the car onto the trailer because the rear tires would not turn, until we found the PARK lever below the buttons in the light the next day! DOH! A week later, I learn first hand about reverse threads on the drivers side wheel nuts! (enough said on that note).

1962 Dart - interior 1962 Dart - seat 1962 Dart - door panel 1962 Dart - dash

Here's the lowdown on this car so far:

1962 Dart - 318 1962 Dart - generator
[Editor's note: that's a generator, not an alternator.]

I expect this project to take a few years and many days grabbing a beer and scratching my head, but thats half the fun. I'd love to hear from other people doing stuff with these cars.

Thanks, Mo!

Your wife is okay! In fact, my wife has the exact same wisdom in picking out cars: she also has a black '62 Dart that I have on the TO DO list!

I'm so glad you spotted this Dart on the way to see the Chebby. The Dart is much more fun to drive. " What the heck is it?" is a common question. :-)

In fact, with the push button tranny brake lever and the left hand threads, you've already experiencd the quirky but endearing type characteristics that make these Mopars so much fun!

Good luck with the project and keep us posted!

Gary H.

September 28, 2001.

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