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1964 Dodge Polara

Russ Pearson writes:

I got a few pics of my '64 Polara here they are.

1964 Dodge Polara

And now comes the storage part of the year........I dont want to get it wrecked by some dork in a import.......(tons of those around here).

So the Polara is in storage, and I'm driving my $400 beater around; (it's hard and I want Spring already!).

1964 Dodge Polara

Update January, 2001

Come spring it will be getting a custom made fiberglass hood with a 5 inch high max wedge style hood scoop. It will also be getting a dual 4 barrel intake for the poly engine until I can get the 440 built up. I'm going to have it bored and stroked to approximately 496 cubic inches. A posi rear end is sitting in the garage to be put in; (it'll have to get nicer outside before I put it in though). I also have 2 15 inch wheels for the back which I am having widened to put about 11 inch wide street slicks on it. If I have any cash left over I'm going to paint it as well, otherwise it will stay mostly the same....I am also putting in a cd player with some good Kenwood 6x9 speakers for alittle road tunes while cruising

Update March, 2001

I have just bought Crager wheels for it and am soon going to be painting it plum crazy purple.

Update May, 2001

1964 Dodge Polara

Update January 2002: The Dodge has a new owner!

My name is Shawn and I travelled from Reston, VA to Bismarck, ND and purchased this Polara from Russ!

Since returning home, the 318 Poly and tranny have been removed. It will be replaced in the next few weeks with a freshly rebuilt 397 ci (383 bored .080) Big Block Mopar and 2-4 barrel Carter carbs.

My dad GAVE it to me after sitting on this engine since 1967 when it was pulled out his 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury. I bet you can imagine just how quickly I removed it from his garage.

Watch for a link to a new page for Shawn in the future!

Hang in there, Russ!

Think about your Polara's winter storage as well deserved rest for all the fun you have driving that Dodge during more fair weather times!

Re: updates: you are going good on the car!

Plum Crazy looks good!

Gary H.

November 13, 2000; updated March 25, 2001; April 15, 2001; May 21, 2001; January 26, 2002

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