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1965 Mopar Paint Codes, Page One

In general, the PPG computer will provide the paint formula if provided a code that matches a formula stored in it's data base. The codes listed allow you to duplicate the color that Chrysler sprayed on your Mopar.
Tag code Name Ditzler Code
AA-1 Gold Poly 22461
BB-1 Black 9300, 9000
CC-1 Light Blue 12894
DD-1 Medium Blue Poly 12763
EE-1 Dark Blue Poly 12896
HH-1 Copper Poly 22445
JJ-1 Light Turquoise 12901
KK-1 Medium Turquoise Poly 12897
LL-1 Dark Turqoise Poly 12765
NN-1 Barracuda Silver Poly 32398
PP-1 Ruby 71433
SS-1 Ivory 81413
TT-1 Medium Red Poly 71476
WW-1 White 8362
XX-1 Light Tan 22440
YY-1 Medium Tan Poly 22643

Note:  BB-1, LL-1, WW-1, ONLY were also used in 1966. 1966 QQ (Red Poly.) is the same as 1965 TT-1 (Medium Red. Poly.).
Tag code Name Ditzler Code
FF-1 Pale Blue Poly 12895
GG-1 Dark Green Poly 43149
MM-1 Turbine Bronze Poly 60492
ZZ-1 Pale Med. Turquoise Poly 12898
22-1 Medium Green Poly 43287
88-1 Yellow 81515
Note: GG-1, MM-1 were also used in 1966.

Color CodeNotes:
Black 9000  
Medium Turquoise Poly. 12647  
Medium Blue Poly. 12656  
Medium Tan Poly. 22296  
Cordovan Poly. 22423 Polara and Monaco only. Also bucket seat tracks.
Medium Saddle Tan 22431 Polara and Monaco only.
Light Gold Poly. 22446 Not on steering column assembly.
Dark Saddle Tan Poly. 22451 Polara and Monaco only. Bucket and seat tracks only.
Medium Gold Poly. 22461 Steering column assembly.
Silver Poly. 31603 Visor arm and bracket, mirror back arm and bracket, Coronet and Suburban tailgate and third seat handles.
Dark Red Poly. 71355  

Used on: Lower instrument panel, instrument panel ash receiver, glove box, steering column, side and upper windshield garnish moldings, center pillar, quarter window garnish moldings, suburban seat and floor panel compartments.  Dart: Lower instrument panel upper plateau and complete lower; Instrument panel ash receiver face plate; radio cover plate; glove box door face, back and hinge; Steering column; Two door hardtop roof rails and quarter garnish extension; panel quarter finish.
Color CodeNotes
Medium Blue Poly. 12763 
Medium Turquoise Poly.12897  
Medium Tan Poly. 22643  
Medium Gold Poly. 22461 
Dark Red Poly. 71476  
Used on: Door and quarter upper inner frames, garnish moldings and pillars. Wheel house and rear quarter panel - Surburban only.
Color CodeNotes
White8355Coronet Suburban headlining clips.

Color CodeNotes
Silver Poly.8578Glove box liner and check arm only
(Coronet 440 and 500 models)
Black9028Also convertible top bow assembly.
Dark Blue Poly.12925Bucket seat tracks only - Polara and Monaco.
Dark Turquoise Poly.12926Bucket seat tracks only - Polara and Monaco.
Medium Turquoise Poly.12928B-pillar - Polara and Monaco.
Rear shelf radio speaker grille - Coronet.
Medium Blue Poly.12933B-pillar - Polara and Monaco.
Rear shelf radio speaker grille - Coronet.
Medium Tan Poly.22465B-pillar - Polara and Monaco.
Rear shelf radio speaker grille - Coronet.
Light Gold Poly. 22467B-pillar - Polara and Monaco.
Dark Red Poly.71632 

Color CodeNotes
Black 9324 
Dark Blue13018 
Dark Turquoise 13019 
Dark Tan 22356 
Dark Gold 22464 
Dark Saddle Tan 22472 Polara and Monaco.
Cordovan50681 Polara and Monaco.
Dark Red71390 
Used on: Upper Instrument Panel all Models. Instrument panel radio speaker grille, Defroster Outlets, Instrument panel cluster shields - Polara and Monaco. Lower Windshield Garnish molding, Instrument panel air conditioning discharge grille - Coronet. Instrument panel recessed upper - Dart.
Color CodeNotes
Three-tone GrayDX-1734Not available
Black and White on Gray  
Used on: Luggage Compartment
Color CodeNotes
Argent Silver DX-8555Not widely available. Update December 2004: Keith M. writes that this is not a stone shield color. He passed along information from Year One that they sell part #QP323, which is Chrysler rally wheel paint, and part #QP8575, which is the textured light argent silver paint used on grilles and rally wheel center caps. Both are sold in quart cans.

Does anyone know the correct color code? If so, please let me know.

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The 1965 paint data on this page was provided by Paul Pitcher and entered into this web site by G. Hamel. -- Thanks, Paul!

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