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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

James Owens wrote:

This is my '63 Plymouth Belvedere. I found it while I was driving around town and told my dad he should buy it (just joking around).

Well, a week later, it was sitting in my driveway. The guy we bought it from inherited the car when his mother died. His father was the original owner and practically worshipped the car. Except for a good sized rip in the front seat, it was in very good condition.

My dad parades the car with the Ole Cars division of the Ararat Shrine Temple and shows with the High Performance Auto Club (a Kansas City area Mopar club).

We just spent the weekend up to our elbows in grease pulling the motor and transmission for some much needed cleaning up and rebuilding. The 318 polyhemi is gonna get some head work, a new cam and a good cleaning. The push-button automatic will get a rebuild and shift kit.

I keep begging dad to let me take her out to the strip, but he's a bit reluctant... but I'll keep trying!

Thanks,James! Either as a driver or a racer, these are wonderful cars. The 1963 Plymouth is toward the top of my list of favorites! Thanks for the note and thanks for saving the '63 for future car lovers to admire.

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