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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Joe Ostrander writes:

At the 1998 1st “Muscle Car Show” in Wausau, WI, sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans of America, North Central Wisconsin #479, 3, count’em, three ’64 Sport Fury’s showed up.

Three 1964 Sport Furys

Close to 50% Mopar’s there. A neighbor showed up with his Camaro and said “welcome to the Mopar show.”

Mine is the black convertible.

1964 Sport Fury convertible

My 'vert was originally purchased by my oldest brother, but I am the fourth family member owner. Window sticker was $3826.35, (still have it). It came with, and still has, the original 383 -- after 228,000+ miles she’s 60 over. Also the ’64 has a factory installed Hurst 4 speed.

I just got done with a resto to “clean ’er up”, but the only thing that was real bad were the lower quarters. Rest of the car was/is still solid. It’s a great car to go crusin’ with!

I’m proud to be included in your Web site. Thanks.

Thanks, Joe. It is always nice to hear about a car show where Mopars show up in quantity!
As I post this page Summer’s coming your way. Get ready to enjoy your very nice ’vert! As you say, it is a great car to cruise with!
Moreover, your Plymouth enhances the ’62 to ’65 Mopar Web Site as well.  smile!
Gary H.

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