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1962 to 1965 Mopar Collection

Ron Osborne writes:

I restore Mopars for a living, and also have a few in my own collection.

While most of my cars are older than 1962, I do own some of each year of these:

1962 SPORT FURY CONV. (413-auto); 1962 SPORT FURY 2 h/t (318-AUTO); 1962 FURY 2h/t (383-AUTO; I also have 2 1962 Chrysler parts cars.
1963-SPORT FURY 2H/T (383-auto); 2 each 1963 4-dr parts cars.
1964 FURY convertible, 361 4 brl auto; 1964 SPORT FURY 2 door hard top (426-4spd) all numbers matching street wedge; 2 each 1964 parts cars.
1965 Plymouth Satellite convertible; (apart right now, will be HEMI - 4 spd when finished); 1965 Satellite parts car and 4 door parts car.

Here are some sample pictures:

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Wow, Ron!

Working on Mopar restoration for a living DOES have its benefits!

That is certainly a quality collection you have gathered. Good going! :-)

Gary H.

May 28, 2001.

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