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1965 Coronet 500

Mike Oestreich wrote:

Soon after I did the transmission the engine went. I found it in dire need of a rebuild, with major carbon buildups, and 6 bad top rings.

For the last month or so before pulling the engine she was running on 6-7 cylinders. As it turned out a friend had a nice '69 383 waiting to be rebuilt and I grabbed it.

383 into 1965 Dodge 500

So instead of recovering my seats this winter I put a 383 up front, built by me with .030" over TRW pistons, MP Purple Roadrunner cam, aluminum intake and water pump housing, Edelbrock roller chain, and Milodon 7 qt. oil pan.

The same old Carter 625 cfm sits on top but may be replaced in the future by twin Edelbrock 500 cfms on an Offy intake.

383 in 1965 Dodge 500

I tried to start the fresh engine by my 18th birthday but that didn't happen due to disagreements between the engine's oil pan and the frame of the car. I'm going to give it another shot this week!

I think brakes will be next, since I ended up buying a dual master cylinder for the car.

1965 Dodge 500

Update May 2001

The fresh 383 is up and running finally, after several months of surgery. After a tiff with a manhole cover that required a shallower oil pan to be installed, we're back on the road for good!

1965 Dodge 500
1965 Dodge 500 1965 Dodge 500 383 engine

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