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1965 Dodge Coronet 440

Kevin Norris wrote:

"I have a 1965 Dodge Coronet 440 2dr HT that I have owned for four years. The Dodge is a straight, rust free Nebraska car with great chrome. The car has:

The car truly is in mint condition. I took it down to the metal this past summer & had it repainted to it's original turquiose color. The interior color is the same. It has one small tear on the driver's side door panel, other than that the interior is perfect.

I'm in the Minneaplois area & would love to know about other cars/owners of the 62-65 B bodies who are around here.

...memories! In the early 80's I owned a '65 Coronet 500 with a 426 Street wedge (A-426 engine code) with a 4sd & bench seat. When I sit & look at the pictures I can't believe I sold it. It would be great to figure out how to track it down but I have no info on the guy who bought it from me anymore."

Update: August, 1997: I have added a balanced '65 383/330 hp magnum & a 727 to my Coronet....along with a ring & pinion 4.10 rear end. ....Now we're 'cookin with gas. I did keep the original engine & tranny just in case I ever want to change back to original.

Thanks, Kevin . Your 1965 Coronet 440 is great! Man, that's a pretty car. The 383/4.10 is a neck-poppin' combo! You also are wise to keep the original engine & tranny. Great job!
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