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1962 Dodge Custom 880

Paul writes: I bought this 1962 Dodge Custom 880 convertible in 1969 while in high school from my good friend. He had gotten it from his parents who had purchased it new. At that time many people considered this car unattractive and odd so I could afford it with the money I had earned from the part time work I found.

The Mopar has the 361 CI V8 with push button transmission and opaque speedometer mounted atop the dash. The 880 has not been on the road much the past several years but, when it does, has no trouble keeping up with traffic!

The Dodge has been repainted but is otherwise an authentic 1962 Dodge Custom 880.

1962 Dodge Custom 880 passenger side

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Thanks Paul!

That is quite a cruising ride. You did not see many of these when new  — and even more seldom seen nowadays. You are lucky to have found the 880 back then and to have held on to the Dodge since!   smile!

Gary H.

September 29, 2010

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