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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Nikki writes:


I love this Web site. It's really been fun for me to look at all the "works in progress" and seeing cars similar to mine -- when I have never seen a car like mine -- ever! That is, I go to car shows, and expos and have never seen a picture or the actual car like mine.

A quick story on my Plymouth:

My dad purchased this 1965 Plymouth Satellite in 1966. He and my mother had their very first date in this car.

1965 Plymouth Satellite in 1967 1967 first date with Satellite

Dad kept it around for whatever reason for years, and I remember riding in it as a small child. It sat for many years on the side of our house, and in 1986 he began restoring it. Dad gave it to me on my 16th birthday. I drove it for years and was known to everyone as "the chick with the big hair and cool car." That car was my pride and joy; (still is, as I get REAL mean if anyone messes with it, and I HATE it when anyone even drives the Mopar).

Nikki having fun in 1987 with the 1965 Satellite 1965 Plymouth Satellite in 1987

The Plymouth did get wrecked by a lady who ran a stop sign and crashed into the car around 1988; (she's lucky she lived - not because of the crash but because i was SO mad I could have - well, never mind. LOL!) We fixed the car up again, and did some repairs that would only last temporarily, as at that time we couldn't find a replacement radiator for it. Other things started to go wrong. Without the Internet for EXCELLENT research, the Plymouth was "grounded".

I toted the Plymouth around with me for the past 10 years, driving it only occasionally, but mostly it just was sitting out in the elements.

I was talking to my dad recently and telling him how much it pained me to see the car sit, rotting away. He and my husband actually tried to get me to sell it so at least someone could enjoy it. (Over my DEAD BODY!)

I have always wanted to restore the Plymouth, but have never had the extra money to do so. But I got a call from my Mom in September, and said that for 2002 Christmas they would restore the car as best they could and give it to me for Christmas. I was SO excited! On Christmas eve, I got my gift!

1965 Plymouth Satellite before restoration work
Fall 2002 under restoration

The Plymouth is most certainly not show car quality (because a lot of things I still can't find for it, even though the Internet is available for research).

I love driving this car - and get all kinds of looks from people when I do. It's the best gift I've received and couldn't be happier to see it sitting in my driveway!

The Mopar is a 1965 Plymouth Satellite, 2 door, 361 V8, with most everything stock on it, (although I would like to really soup the engine up someday), bucket seats, chrome console chrome trim around the windows - inside and out, and chrome accents on the seats, automatic transmission. on the floor. The radio and everything in the interior is the original parts, except for the carpet.

Dad replaced all the necessary parts: radiator, alternator, starter, solenoid, fuel pump, new vinyl roof, all new door seals, fixed some minor dings and dents, new tires, and some other minor things and gave 'er a new paint job. We are also installing a new windshield.

1965 Plymouth Satellite after restoration work

MOPAR rules!

Fantastic, Nikki!

You certainly kept the Plymouth as part of the family. After all these years I bet it would seem difficult to imagine your family without the company of the 1965.

You are certainly correct that the Internet and Web based services have tremendously helped connect needs and services required to restore the early 60's Mopars.

Congratulations on your efforts to keep the Plymouth going, looking good, and part of your extended family!  smile!

Gary H.

January 5, 2003

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