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1964 Plymouth Fury

Ron writes: This is my brother’s 1964 Plymouth Fury. His name is Gary Nies and he has owned the Mopar since around 1996.

The Plymouth has been backhalfed and has basically been a race car all of the time Gary has owned it, until last year.

The Fury’s best E.T. is 10.44 @ 128.

The Plymouth runs a 451 that uses 915 heads he ported himself at 11.5 compression. Gary built the engine and transmission and car himself. The engine has the Mopar Performance .620 cam and uses and a M1 intake with a Dominator carburetor. The 727 uses a Turbo Action 8 inch convertor and a reverse manual valve body. A Dana with 4.88 gears in it puts the rubber to the pavement.
440 in 1964 Plymouth Fury passenger side at drag strip 440 in 1964 Plymouth Fury driver side burn out at drag strip
440 in 1964 Plymouth Fury wheel stand at drag strip 440 in 1964 Plymouth Fury 451 engine

The Plymouth has a full roll cage and racing seats; the Mopar weighs 3370 pounds without a driver and has glass hood, fenders and front bumper.

As noted above, in 2006 he backed the timing down to 32 and put a 3-1/2 inch exhaust system on the car, along with street tires.
The Fury runs on the street with 93 pump gas and he raced the Mopar like that and ran 10.90’s in this street trim.

By the way, he also has a 1968 Cuda race car and is currently driving a 1964 Max Wedge Belvedere that his boss owns in B/SA.

See Gary’s brother Ron’s 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

Thanks Ron! Very nice Plymouth, Gary!

Keeps Brand X cars on guard, too!

Great Mopars in the Nies’ family garages!   smile!

Gary H.

October 4, 2007

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