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1963 Dodge 330

"Bones" Jarrett Nielsen writes:

This is my '63 330 4 door. I bought it for $750.00 from an old man that didn't want it anymore.

1963 Dodge 330

It is 100% stock and not one piece is missing. It has the original 318 poly and the three speed pushbutton torqueflight with just under 250,000 miles on it.

The mods that I have done are the vintage aluminum slots, a Stromberg model WW carb, and a cherry bomb muffler.

I have a 440 Interceptor engine in the works with out of a '68 Fury police car; it has 912 heads and a forged crank. I will convert it to a six pack intake.

1963 Dodge 330

My goal is to build a car using '60's backyard racing technology, I hope to have a sleeper from the nether regions when I am done.

Update May 2001

I had to rethink the big-block idea and decided to rod out the poly. A Weiand intake and a Holley racing perfomance 650 and fresh heads made a big dif from the original iron intake and Stromberg WW. I'll see what else I can do with the lower end!

I did swap out a suregrip rear from a 1969 Dart, so no more tapered shafts. (woo hoo!) It is also two inches narrower. We all know what that means.

The car is currently getting stripped down for a complete paint job, while it is in the paint booth, I will rebuild the engine and trans.

Update January 2002

White's Speed in Cicero NY finished the millwork, and a fine job they did! It is nice and clean and has been a dream going back together.

The body is in North Carolina having the paint and body work done. My good friend Scott Walker is doing the honors.

Beyond that, a rebuild on the tranny, new covers for the seats and a few custom mods for the engine and it will all come together!

I am planning to have Racer Brown grind me a camshaft, and I'll add a hidden electronic ignition, put in an electric fan and waterpump. I also happened upon a P/S pump and knuckle out of a 1965 Coronet, so power steering is in the works, (after all it is a Family Car).

This is the car getting ready to go to the body shop.
1963 Dodge 330
A week later there was 3 feet of snow on the ground!

Update May 19, 2007

Unfortunately I have nothing new to report other than I have to go pick up the car as my painter did nothing with it since I took it to him in 2002.

Many moves and many deployments have left it in pretty sad shape, but I have not lost anything. On my next move the car is going to Oregon my hometown and a paint and body man that I have known for years!

Update June 25, 2012

After years of deployments and storage, I have all of the car in one location (in Texas). Let the fun begin!

1963 Dodge 330 in field 1963 Dodge 330 engine and car on trailer
1963 Dodge 330 on trailer 1963 Dodge 330 on trailer

Update August 2014

I have to sell this Dodge. [SOLD!] It is a perfect Father/Son Project. [See update March 2016, below.]

I have had this car since 1997 and drove it regularly. I tore it down to get it painted and four flaked-out painters later, it still is not done. Basically this car has served its purpose for me and I would rather see someone else enjoy it, rather than watch it rot in my back yard.

What you are getting is a complete car that is currently disassembled. You are also getting a trove of aftermarket pieces that I have collected for this car over the years. Some of these parts are a Weiand High Rise intake manifold, two Sears under dash A/C units with the associated pumps and pulleys, a power steering knuckle and pump, an extra set of heads, the original intake manifold with the stock Stromberg Carb and all four hubcaps.

1963 Dodge 330 B-Body
Engine: 318 Polyspheric
Trans: 727 TorqueFlite push button
Rear End: Original replaced with a limited slip out of a 68 Dart R/T
Glass: All original and intact
Title: Clear Oregon Title

I am offering a fair price for what you are getting. If you want to come take a look, send an email for directions. $2000 I am Near Austin, TX. Contact Bones

Update March 2016

The Dodge has found a new home in Yakima WA with an old friend of mine and his son!

Thanks, Bones!

You'll have one great "sleeper" when you are finished.

If the original guy that sold you the Dodge is still kicking, give him a ride when you have the big block between the Dodge's fenders! :-)

Thanks for keeping us posted. Re the updates, as your decision reflects, the Poly 318 is getting noticed once again for the great engine it is! Woken up with better breathing abilities, it scoots pretty well!

And yes, this restoration stuff take times, and patience.   smile!

RE 2014 update: yes, that is how it goes at times. It is a nice project for someone.
RE: 2016 update: Great! Indeed, a good home was found with your old friend and his son -- that almost keeps the Mopar in the family.

Gary H.

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