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1964 Plymouth Belvedere Hemi

'64 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere

Nick Rodino wrote in 1998:
I own a 1964 HEMI Belvedere 4-speed. I would love to see it on your great site enclosed is a pic or two. Thanks a lot, MOPARS FOREVER

'64 Belvedere Hemi

Thanks, Nick! A Hemi 4 speed '64 ride is just too much to contemplate! You must always remain smiling! :-) I'll make it the April, 1998 Mopar of the Month on the web site so more folks can enjoy seeing your Mopar.
I'm extending the April, 1998 Mopar through May by adding 2 more photos. What a ride! :-D

'64 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere

'64 Plymouth Hemi Belvedere

As of march 2004 Nick no loger owns this Plynmouth.

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