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1965 Plymouth Satellite

Dana Nichols writes:

Here are some pictures of my '65 Satellite. I purchased this car in 1974 for $500.00 as my first car.

1965 Plymouth Satellite front view

The last redo was done in 1996, we went thru the whole car. The paint is a '95 Neon Strawberry pearltone, which is real close to the original color.

1965 Plymouth Satellite 340 motor   1965 Plymouth Satellite interior
The engine is a 70, 340 which my brother the mechanic says is pulling close to 400 horses.
We are soon to add a six pack to it, (for that surprise factor when the hood is opened.)  
I redid the interior with a new headliner, carpet and had the seats redone with vinyl and material inserts.

1965 Plymouth Satellite rear view

I changed the wheels over to 15 inch, and added front and rear anti-sway bars (highly recomended) this totally changed the handeling of the car for the better.

I have really enjoyed owning and driving this car for the last 27 years!

Nice, Dana!

"Man, I wish I kept the Mopar I had then!"

How many times have I hard that? Countless.

I've even said it myself!

You're one of the lucky few that actually pulled that strategy off! :-)

Thumbs up!

Gary H.

January 6, 2001

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