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1965 Dodge Dart GT

Tom Nelson writes:

I'd like to tell you about our 1965 Dart GT.

1965 Dart GT

We got her in 1988 and restored her to stock. But we just couldn't keep it stock. 1992 I put in a 340 with headers, full manual 727 and a 8 3/4 with 4.56 gears. this was ok for a couple of years then I got the urge for more c.i. so in 93/94 I built up a 67 440 and stroked it to 498. Run a 509 cam and two 600s on a tunnal ram and went with a 4 speed to the 8 3/4 with a 3.55 gears. Got her running in '95 and back on the road in '96.

1965 Dart GT

In '98 I mini tubbed her and put in a Dana with 4.10 gears, a Detroit Locker, ladder bars and coil overs. I also installed a 400 hp NOS system. All this with a fuel cell, Paxton 300 pump, frame tied, roll bars, (soon to be cage), big valve ported heads, and now under going a color change to black, blasted down to the steel. We just can't keep from doing something to our Dart and also, we drive her,like to Memphis Tenn. from Michigan raced her then drove her back. We had a blast. We also have a 65 Coronet convert. 383 4 speed (stock, need backup while working on the Dart) Everything on the cars we do ourself (machine work is done outside) so it takes time but we like it.

Keep up the good work and keeping people informed.
Thank, will send new pix when I finish the paint!

Upadate: Engine photos:

1965 Dart GT motor 1965 Dart GT engine

I see you can't keep you hands off a good thing!


Man, Tom, that's a unique and powerful Dart!

Thanks for sharing the pictures and background. We'll look forward to future pictures!

Gary H.

January 23, 2001; April 1, 2001

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