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Personal reminiscing

'63 Polara 500 convertible

Billy Neblett writes:

I've owned so many '62-'65 Mopars it's hard to know where to begin. I loved them all and still present play thing (one of many play things) is my '65 426 Wedge Satellite. I have had many Mopars, my first '62-'65 being a '65 Coronet 500 convertible, red with black top and interior and the Hi-Po 273, probably one of the best and most reliable cars I've ever owned. But my second '62-'65 Mopar was something else!

The year was 1972 and I had just gotten out of the Army. I had a '70 Challenger 440/6 pack but was looking for something a bit older, maybe as a project car and definitely a convertible. (No silly, I KEPT the Challenger!) What I found was a '63 Polara 500 convertible that would knock your eyes out! The car was bought new very late in '63. It was equipped with factory air (rare for a Philly car back then) P/S, P/B, buckets and console, a 413 cubic inch 4bbl and Torqueflite and a full array of gauges and courtesy lights. Three days after delivery the original owner drove the car to a trim shop and had the interior completely redone in white roll and pleats trimmed in black, complete with fuzzy mirror muff and console trim (popular back then), and a custom Grant wood steering wheel. A matching pleated top boot finished off the sewing. Then it was off to the paint shop where it received something like 15 coats of hand rubbed candy apple red metal flake paint, after having all of it's emblems and badges removed, and a set of dual sunken antennas installed in the rear. Finally the car was lowered 1 inch all around, the undercarrage detailed, duals with chrome tips installed along with chrome reverse wheels with baby moons (another popular custom trend then) and the 413 was adorned with a host of chrome goodies. Like I said, it would knock your eyes out! From what I understand the car was shown on the east coast till about '69 or so racking up just under 30,000 miles then was parked in a heated garage and covered till about 1971. A year and 9,000 miles latter I bought her and she was just as eye popping and great running as the day she began her show career. You can imagine what a girl getter and guy stopper she was on friday and sat nights at the old drive in! I kept her in as good as condition as possible for a weekly cruiser, keeping her garaged most of the winter. In 1979 work forced a move to Houston and I had to decide what to take and what to sell of my by then considerable collection. I had bought and sold many a Mopar during that time but the old cherry red '63 had remained with me. I had gotten deeply into restoring DeSotos by then and had a '56 Firedome Seville 2 door hard top with 18,000 original miles as my personal daily driver and so when the decision was made the '56 and a couple of other DeSotos made the trip with me. The '63 convert, which had been my 'personality' car so to speak for so many years, was sold along with the rest of my collection. I know...I know...what the hell was I thinking?!

Hind site is a wonderful and a terrible thing. Sure i wish I had kept her...then again I can look on the wall of the hundreds of pictures of other cars I have owned and can say the same thing about most of them. And can look in my garage and smile at what I see parked there. But thanks to that '63 I had my turn at being the coolest dude in the neighborhood.

My mom, who lives on the other side of the country informed me during her christmas visit that she was assembling a photo album of me and my cars and other things. She mentioned she had some photos of the '63 (she liked it too). I promise I'll get my hands on them before she cuts them up for some crazy collage, and send them along as soon as I can.

By the way, anyone out there see or hear of a sharp candy apple red '63 Polara convert former show car from the east coast, be sure to let me know!
Billy Neblett
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June 4, 2001

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