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1963 Plymouth Valiant

Philip L. Munoa writes:

Here are some pictures of the Valiant that I am building with the parts from my wrecked Barracuda. (It looks like I am finally going to get some insurance money!)

1963 Valiant

As you can see, the Valiant is straight and totally rust free. Bob, my brother, just bought a bead blaster to go with his rotissere so we'll be taking this thing to the metal top and bottom.

1963 Valiant

I am adding a larger fuel line and disc brakes while it's upside down. I have a 904 and push buttons from my '64 Barracuda parts car. I'll use the engine and rear end out of the wrecked car but will swap in 4.10 gears instead of the 3.55s. With a 3,000 rpm converter I expect to run mid to low 12s based on how the combo performed in the Barracuda.

We also have a 1963 Valiant convertable that will be fun to build into a matching car when the hardtop's done. It'll have a mild small block and be a nice cruiser. It'll be fun to take both Valiants to cruise nights.

Update 2014: Phil no longer owns this Valiant.

Thanks, Phil!

Glad to hear you are healthy and pressing along after the terrible wreck of your '65 Barracuda!

At least the Fish will give up vital parts that will result in another early A body Mopar back out crusin' the streets and drag strips. :-) on

Take care & good luck with the restoration!

Gary H.

February 2, 2001; October 24, 2014
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