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1965 Plymouth Belvedere II Altered Wheel Base

Phil Munoa writes:

I'm enclosing some pictures of my brother Bob's '65 altered wheelbase car that he built. It's gorgeous! He took it to the 2001 Spring Fling and got a great response. Steve Magnante from Hot Rod Magazine is interested in featuring it in an article on A/FX clones for the street.

1965 Plymouth front 1965 Plymouth
1965 Plymouth front tire 1965 Plymouth rear

Update November 2001

Enclosed is a picture of the hemi Bob's building to go in the car. It's a 528 with a crossram. I can't wait to hear it fired up! He estimates about 650 horses and a gizzilion pounds of torque.


Hemi Hemi

Bob's hemi is in the car now. It certainly fills up the engine bay a lot more than my "tiny" 440. He had to have the bottom radiator tank slightly modified to clear K member.

The 3 inch exhaust is next.

See Bob's previous1965 Belvedere

See Phil's 65Belvedere II.

Yet, another fine Mopar, Phil!

Good goin' Bob!

It will be a crowd pleaser, for certain!

Keep us posted, please!

Gary H.

May 1, 2001; November 11, 2001; November 20, 2001

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