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1963 Dodge "330"

Phil Munoa writes:

Well, a lot has changed since we last wrote. I sold my drivetrain from the wrecked Cuda and bought a '63 Dodge from my brother, Bob, that started life as a Polara hardtop but was converted to a 330 post car. Bob did all of the body work.

1963 Dodge front

It's Porsche Red with newly chromed bumpers. I haven't decided between steelies or Cragars yet for the wheels. Bob's also selling me a 440 short block with TRW pistons that I'm going to put the Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, intake, cam and carb matched set on. Without the aluminum heads, Edelbrock estimates that the combo will make a legitimate 451 hp and 505 ft/lbs. of torque. The heads may be worth up to 30 or 40 more horse power. It'll have a pushbutton operated 727 set up for street/strip duty.

I saw a black 1963 Dodge at the Spring Fling in LA last weekend that got me all excited about mine. I included a picture of it but don't know the owner's name.

1963 Dodge 1963 Dodge

1963 Dodge side 1963 Dodge rear

Another fine Mopar, Phil!

You sure know how to pick a fine ride!

It helps to have Mopar blood in the family, of course! :-)

Keep us posted with your project's progress, please!

Gary H.

May 1, 2001

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