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1965 Plymouth Barracuda -- Page Two

Philip L. Munoa writes:

I've been working on the body a little bit here and a little bit there. At the rate I was going it would be years until the car would be ready to paint so I enlisted the help of my nephew, RJ, and he finished the body prep.

1965 Barracuda gets paint

My brother, Bob, sprayed the original single stage Spanish Red. We're going to block sand the hood and spray one more coat in a few weeks after the paint has had a little time to cure and shrink.

1965 Barracuda

Last week, while we had the car apart for paint prep, we swapped the 340 out for a 380 Magnum crate engine.

1965 Barracuda gets a crate motor

The swap itself was easy but what Mopar Performance doesn't tell you is that your old pulleys won't work. The crate engine water pump neck is an inch longer. We were delayed from firing up the engine several days to order the correct parts parts. The Mopar Performance tech line wasn't much use. They didn't have the answers I needed and referred me to March Performance Pulleys who did. The pilot bushing is also different. No one in town had the correct one which we assumed was the same in all late model Magnums. Again the Mopar Performance tech line was of no help. We grew impatient so we modified an early model pilot bushing and so far so good.

1965 Barracuda gets a crate motor

Other things that have been added to the car since I last wrote to you are Hedman fender well headers, a pinion snubber, a new K & N filter that intakes air from the top and Mickey Thompson Street ET tires mounted on the newly polished Centerlines.

1965 Barracuda gets paint

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