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1965 Plymouth Barracuda -- Page One

Philip L. Munoa writes:

I'm sending you my work in progress.

1965 Barracuda

My very first car back in 1973 was a '65 'Cuda that I got for $100. It had a 273 and a fourspeed. I fixed the rear end and sold it for $400. I didn't want such an old car (okay, I was 16 and an idiot). At the time my brother had a '70 Hemicuda and I thought I wanted something more along those lines.

I've come back around full circle and bought a slant six fourspeed 65 'Cuda from my niece. So far I've installed a 340 out of a '69 Dart Swinger.

1965 Barracuda

The engine is bored .030 over and includes a Holley 3310 with the 4150 mods, a Wiend Stealth intake, a .455 purple stick cam, K&N air filter and I just got my set of Hedman fenderwell headers. The car has 2 1/2 inch exhaust, 8 3/4 inch sure grip with 3.55 gears, super stock springs, six pack scoop and a set of ultra-rare 15" Centerlines with a 5 on 4" bolt pattern. I want to install a hydralic clutch but am having trouble finding a kit. I know they are out there so I just need to keep looking. The interior is half done. I started at the back and am to the rear seat. I have two lightweight buckets out of a Civic to install and will have the door panels done to match the fabric. I'm going to replace the plastic gauge cluster with a billet aluminum piece.

1965 Barracuda

The trans has been refreshed and, since it was set up for a slant six, it has an extra low first gear.

1965 Barracuda

It'll be sprayed with the original maroon color but I'm contemplating white stripes if they look good with the scoop. The license plate will read UR FSH B8.

1965 Barracuda

It's a street driver that I hope will run deep in the 13s.

1965 Barracuda

Even in it's current state it draws a lot of attention at car shows and that's saying a lot here if Chevy country. Well, there you have it. I should finish it in the next few months.

1965 Barracuda eats a 'vette

UPDATED Page Two Progress Report NOW ON LINE!

Phew. That's quite a mean Fish. Good job; you are more than making up for your youthful indiscretion. :-)

We all live in Chebby country, which, of course, makes owning a '62 to '65 Mopar even more pleasurable. A guy who used to race a '65 340 car around here was in the low 13's with it, so I agree with your goal.

Bowtie beware! :-)

Keep us posted please.

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