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1965 Dodge Coronet AFX

Matt writes:   We completed a 1965 Dodge AFX.

1965 Dodge AFX front

The engine in the Mopar is an aluminum block 528 stroker with Hilborn electronic injection,
10.5 pistons, Indy billet rocker stands and roller rockers, custom headers, aluminum heads,
~675 hp at the crank.

The Hemi engine is mated to an 833 transmission via a Centerforce dual disc and a Keisler
hydraulic clutch.

Out back is a trussed 8 3/4 with 4.56 spool and Strange axles.

The Dodge stops with the help of Wilwood discs up front and drums in the rear.

1965 Dodge AFX Hemi engine

The Coronet is built to 1965 specs with the K frame moved forward 10 inches
and the rear 15 inches; glass nose, hood and deck; Plexiglas windows; electrical
via MSD/Hilborn computer.

1965 Dodge AFX trunk

The Mopar is street legal. But the Dodge desperately needs wheelie bars!

1965 Dodge AFX passenger side front view
P.S., I also have a 1965 Dodge Super Stock. 1965 Dodge AFX front view and 1965 Super Stock Dodge

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Two VERY nice Coronets Matt!   smile!

Gary H.

June 15, 2009

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