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1965 Dodge Polaras

Mike Muir wrote:

I own two 1965 Polara 500's, one hardtop and one convertible.

The hardtop is a decent driver...

1965 Dodge Polara

1965 Dodge Polara

...and the convertible is a "diamond in the rough" -- very rough, I might add.

1965 Dodge Polara convertible

Currently I'm in the parts acquisition stage, there's a bunch of stuff I need for this one and I'm sure the readers here will know just how difficult finding most any parts for these older beauties can be. Hope to start on it in the next year, but other projects need to get done first.
Thanks, Mike!

TWO of the large Mopars! You certainly have the right idea.

We will look forward to more pictures and progress reports when you get time. :-)

Gary H.

January 30, 2000; Revised March 5, 2000
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