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1963 Dodge 330 “Parts Chaser”

Schuyler writes:  I snapped some pictures of Bob Mosher’s \6 parts chaser with Offy 4v intake, re-jetted carb, and headers.

Bob said it took a while to dial in the carb, but they got it!

1963 Dodge, front 1963 Dodge, rear

1963 Dodge slant six four barrel 1963 Dodge slant six four barrel

The ol’s leaning tower of power does not get much better then this!

1963 Dodge slant six four barrel

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See the 330 at Mosher’s!

Thanks, Schuyler!

Your 1962 Dart 440 wagon looks like it is in good company!

Getting parts was never so much fun!   smile!

Gary H.

May 20, 2007

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