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1965 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

Vern Morris writes:

I came across your Web site while surfing the net the other day. Thought you may like to see my 1965 Dart GT convertible with the "Go Go Package" which was a factory option back in 1965.

1965 Dodge Dart GT convertible

My Dart is affectionately referred to around these parts of the country as the "the old fart's Dart with a cart". It started out in life in Lincoln, Nebraska; we rescued it from Phoenix, Arizona in 1995 and gave it a new home in Canada.

My son and I did the restoration work ourselves in 1995, and upgrading on it each year since.

It has a "fallen over" 225 six pack under the hood. It is well used in the summer months and makes annual trips to both Chryslers at Carlisle and the Spring Show at Charlotte N.C.

For anyone who may be interested, the "Hidden Hitch" assembly is from a mid '90s Mopar Caravan with very little modifications to bolt right onto the frame members of the Dart!

If anyone has any questions about our cute little 1965, contact me at

Thanks Vern!

Beautiful looking convertibe...and trailer!

Looks like you use the Dart a lot too, that is great! These cars were made for driving!


Gary H.

June 17, 2001.

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