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1964 Plymouth Belvedere

J. D. Morris writes:

In the late 1970's I had a '64 Sport Fury that I built; it ran very low 11's (11 oh's all day long, never dipped into the 10's).

I sold it and regretted it for 20 years until a 33,374 mile completely original '64 Belvedere (318 car) was available in the Fall of 1998.

I bought it, I paid too much for it, and I'm having a BLAST turning it into my version of the perfect hotty.

The car will have a BIG Hemi (572 inch) when completed!

Currently the focus has been on getting the chassis and assorted hardware dialed in.

1964 Plymouth Belvedere I side front  1964 Plymouth Belvedere I trunk

1964 Plymouth Belvedere I front center

1964 Plymouth Belvedere I interior  1964 Plymouth Belvedere I under springs

1964 Plymouth Belvedere I undercarrage

So far ...... here's where I am at:

1964 Plymouth Belvedere I under springs

The Hemi will be a big inch, fuel-injected, 10 to 1, "civil" powerplant.

I'll keep you posted!
Thanks, J.D.

You are doing "the one that got away" one better!

Great job!

Look forward to future progess reprots!

Gary H.

March 1, 2001

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