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1963 Plymouth Fury

James writes: This 1963 Plymouth Fury is a work in progress. The original owner (our late father) handed this Mopar down to me and I am in the process of an update/upgrade. I am looking to change the Poly 318 engine to a 4 barrel and need an intake manifold. I understand that factory cast iron intake might be better for a "normal - non racing application" but I also hear the aluminum intake runs cooler. I am also looking for aluminum valve covers, and looking to add A/C but I need the compressor mounting bracket(s). More to follow as work progresses!

1963 Plymouth Fury driver side
out of storage

Some photos of removing the Plymouth from the storage facility:

1963 Plymouth Fury comes out of storage
out of storage
1963 Plymouth Fury on trailer
out of storage and on trailer

Some photos of the Plymouth refreshed and back in the home garage:

1963 Plymouth Fury comes out of storage
back in the home garage, passenger side, with new 15 inch wheels
1963 Plymouth Fury rear view
back in the home garage showing off new MagnaFlow duals

Would welcome helpful insights/advice!

Update June 2013

I am still working on my 1963 Fury. I expect refurbished dash and arm rests in July. I should receive the refurbished instrument cluster bezel next week.

Update January 2014

I have added a VintageAir a/c unit; restored the dash pads and arm rests (“Just Dashes“); and replaced the steering wheel. Next I will be switching from a 2bbl to a 4bbl.

Contact James: owner 1963Plymouth Fury

Thanks James! A perfect Mopar to stay in the family. Your dad had good taste in Mopars and I am sure you will take care of the Fury, as he would -- and have fun with the car as well.   smile!

Gary H.

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