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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Mopar Bob writes:

Check out my new addition -- a 1963 Belvedere 4 door, slant 6, push button, Highway Patrol look-alike, (actually Mopar Racing emblems are on the front doors).

1963 Plymouth Belvedere

Outside of removing crystallized tree sap from the entire top surface of the car, painting the wheels, degreasing the engine, changing fluids and replacing the exhaust system, the car came as is: just some minor paint chips.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere

The car was done several years ago (the guy is very good at what he does), used as a daily driver and kept outdoors. The cowl has some rust and lets water into the front floor pan area, but other than that the car is very solid. The interior is in very good condition.Seats are from a 2 door.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere

It drives like a dream boat with the rear air shocks.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere

I plan on cleaning up the surface rust around the trunk seal area and detailing the engine compartment.

I'm crazy about it!

Way cool, Bob!

People 'seasoned' enough to remember will think back to when these Plymouths really were patrol cars for many police departments! Some urban units did use slant six motors.

There is no doubt that your Plymouth Patrol will draw as big a crowd at a car show as a similar '63 Plymouth equipped with a 426 Max motor. :-)

And will strike equal fear in blue oval and bow tie owners who glance in their rear view mirror and see the outline of a '63 Plymouth stalking behind! :-D


Gary H.

October 14, 2000

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