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Mid Peninsula Mopar Show Fall 2002

James writes:

The first Mid Peninsula Mopar show at Dot n Andys club in South San Francisco, Ca. gave us the opportunity to park our three Dodge 880s together.

As these cars are so rare we had many, many Mopar fans baffled as to what they are. Caused quite the stir. Dodges stun crowd

However one young man did come running over to tell me that his Grandfather was a Highway Patrolman and he used to stop by and visit off hours with his Patrol Car 1964 880 way back then!

Two '64s and a '63 880 all lined up next to each other? Does not happen much!

By the way the Mid Peninsula Mopars put on a gracious show with food and raffles galore taking donations only for entry to this event. Cudos to Stu who hosts the Mid Pen Group!

[Editor's note: more pictures to be added asap.]
Thanks, James!

Yup! It's always with much good natured fun to baffle even the Mopar faithful with a '62 to '65 Mopar! You don't see these big cruisers often, never mind three of them!  smile!

Gary H.

November 16, 2002

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