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1964 Dodge 440

Work in Progress

“MO” Steve writes from SW Iowa: I dragged this 1964 Dodge 440 home about year ago: less interior, engine, and tranny. 1964 Dodge 440, front
The next few months I bought a late 413 from a motor home, a couple of transmissions, a bellhousing, a pair of early 1970’s 440 heads, a pair of HP magnum exhaust manifolds and some other stuff. And another 1964 Dodge parts car. 1964 Dodge 440, front

This winter I have stripped the parts car and removed all the front sheet metal. I have repaired the front crossmember-tranny mount that someone had gotten carried away with a flame wrench. 1964 Dodge 440, driver side
I am now in the process of mocking up the engine, bellhouse, tranny, and clutch linkage. Once I know I have all the parts and they will fit, I will disassemble, including taking out the K member. 1964 Dodge 440, passenger side
1964 Dodge 440, passenger side front Then the Mopar will be sandblasted from the front of the doors forward.
1964 Dodge 440, passenger side, rear I will do all the frame-firewall painting and K member work before I reinstall it.
I have worked on several projects including building-painting Harleys, and my 1956 Chrysler, but this is my first 1962-1965. We have always had Mopars in the family and I did order a new 1968 1/2 Plymouth Roadrunner. 1964 Dodge 440, rear

The 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web site and the 1962-1965 Mopar Mail List Club have been a wealth of information!

Update October 2009: I have been accumulating parts and working on the Dodge. The Mopar will be built just as I would have in the mid-1960’s: 413 cop engine with hidden later years technology, stock looking distributor, stock 440 Magnum exhaust manifolds (probably a 3310 Holley), 4 speed, 3:55 SureGrip 8 3/4. The Dodge will see mostly Street but occasional Strip action.

Progress Update Photos

Follow the work with photos of the restoration.

Contact “MO” at 1964 Dodge 440, contact owner

Thanks, “MO”!

You picked a nice example to start on a 1962 to 1965 Mopar restoration!   smile!

Gary H.

February 16, 2009; October 3, 2009; July 21, 2010

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