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McKenna’s Mopars: Mopar Stories from the McKenna Family

David McKenna II writes:

1962 Savoy On November 10, 1962 I was brought home from the hospital in a 1962 Savoy 413 Max Wedge car.

WOW what a first ride!!

My father bought this car new and raced it every weekend for 4 years.

Dad kept the car but retired it from racing and built a 1963 Belvedere wagon 426 max wedge...this car was successful for a number of years highlights being class runner up at Indy 1968-1969 loosing to "Tritack-Morgan" and "red -lighting" to Dave Duell in 1969.

1963 Belvedere Wagon

In 1970 he went to a 1964 Belvedere aluminum front end car and in 1971 won the Spring Nationals in Columbus. In 1972 he started Banana Torque Converters and pretty much gave up racing.

1964 Belvedere

Until 1990 when he went to the Mopar Nationals and was hooked again. (He was smart enough to keep a couple of wedges laying around.)

I just recently purchased a 1964 Fury 2-dr hardtop. with a 318...

My brother Mark has the "Vankee-Abraham" 1963 wagon which is the 1966 A/SA national record holder. This car is a basket case and needs restored but restoration is under way.

Rich, my youngest brother, has a 1963 Dodge wagon tubbed, lowered, caged; the body is so sweet -- my dad had stored it since 1974. It needs paint and the motor finished!
Thanks, David!

Great stories, yours is truly a 1962 to 1965 Mopar family!  smile!

Gary H.

March 4, 2000.

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