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The "Vankee and Abraham" 1963 Plymouth

David McKenna II writes:

Here is a picture of my brother Mark's 63 Plymouth. This car is the original "Vankee and Abraham" 1966 NHRA A/SA national record holder!

Talk about a survivor!

My dad and brothers found this car a few years back in a barn in Akron, Ohio. After a few months of bartering they purchased the car for $600. They took the car and hid it from my mother in my Grandmother's garage.

Vankee and Abraham 1963 Plymouth
Fall, 1999 photo with 426 wedge power

The car is being totally restored: new doors,fenders 1/4s etc. Mark bought a 446 of mine 12:5:1, forged rods, pistons, crank. Closed chamber heads, 533" lift cam 308 duration. 8" torque converter and manual shift torqueflight, 8 3/4, 4:56's AND a 1963 cross-ram to top it off.

Thanks, David!

We'll look forward to again seeing the '63 on the track!

Gary H.

December 17, 2000.

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