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1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon

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Update September 2005 —  Richard has sold the wagon:

He writes: The wagon has moved on to a great new home and is getting much more attention from it's new owner than from it's all a good thing.

I have chatted with numerous people over the years who have contacted me about the wagon - and have enjoyed the contacts your website has allowed me!

Richard writes:

I would like to add my car to your files: it is a 1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon that was factory ordered and built with the 426 Streetwedge and the 4-speed transmission.

It's unrestored and it's ratty.

It's documented and complete. The wagon was ordered from the Dodge dealership in Klamath Falls, Oregon and I was pleased to find out last year that I could (and subsequently did) obtain a copy of the factory build sheet from Chrysler Historical Services.

Except for some of the interior and exterior trim the wagon is totally assembled. As far as I can tell - it's totally original - except for some rust repair that was left at the primer stage by the previous owner.

It's been sitting in my shop for years - just waiting for the my priorities to reach it.

As so often happens - I purchased it (as a driver)) with plans to put it back into showroom shape...and then I continued to adopt other projects...and the list (and storage) got out of hand.

To date - I know of or have heard of three 1964 Streetwedge wagons - mine, one that Galen Govier looked at years ago in New York state and one that someone told me about in an e-mail this past summer. (They did not tell me exactly where it was - just that the rod shop they used had a customer with a really nice one.)

1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon

I've had the wagon up for sale for several years and while there has been lots of interest (and I've sent photos of it all over the world...) I have not had any luck moving it.

It's not that I don't like it...just the opposite...I simply had to reduce my load and I chose to try and move the larger projects first. I've managed to sell a few other projects but the Dodge refuses to leave and so I have decided that fate has determined that it needs to stay.

I also collect old travel trailers and it was set up at the factory to make a great mid-sized tow vehicle - so that is what I am going to use it for!

426 in 1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon

4 speed in 1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon 4 speed  in 1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon

1964 Dodge 440 Station Wagon

Thanks, Richard!

426 4 speed wagon? Hum....

Sometimes fate just is too powerful a force to resist.

I'm glad you are taking on the restoration. It IS a rare one!

RE: Update: Glad the wagon snagged a new good home. Maybe you’l get a ride in her someday!

Gary H.

January 9, 2002; revised January 13, 2002; September 16, 2005
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