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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury -- Big Red

Bruce McDermott writes:

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - after restoration

Before my time is up, I wanted to own another 1964 Plymouth muscle car like I had when I was 18 years old. I had a 1964 Fury, 426 wedge with a 727 Torqueflite. I am 57 years young and the clock is ticking away!

I had been looking around for about a year or two, for the right car, so when I came across this 1964 Sport Fury less than 50 miles from my home...1964 Plymouth Sport Fury as purchased I knew it was meant to be and the price was right.

Although the car was not together, I bought a fresh 440 bored .30 over and a solid lift cam ready to install. However, before the new power plant went in, the front end had to be replaced, as the hood, grill and both fenders were in bad shape.

After the necessary body work was completed the 440 and fresh 727 with a shift kit and a 3500 stall converter were installed.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - 440 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - 440
1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - 440 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - 440

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury - 440

In addition, all MSD, ignition, a set of 391 Sure Grip rear end and 150 HP NOS set-up for that extra punch when I feel the need for an acceleration fix.

The car was painted Mopar Fireflame Red.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

The Sport Fury runs 12:30's 109 MPH in the quarter mile, with a little squeeze on the NOS.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury
Big Red got a first place award at the 2001 Mopar Alley Car Club show in the '62 to '71 Plymouth B Body category.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Thanks, Bruce!

Hey, you are only as old as you feel, and I KNOW that 440 Sport Fury makes you feel VERY young!

And very happy!

Congratulations on your trophy-winning Plymouth! :-)

Gary H.

August 20, 2001; February 22, 2002
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